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AWC Training @AWC1 on Oct 22
AWC Training @AWC1 on Sep 16
@AppleSupport Still waiting in the UK 2 hours late!!
AWC Training @AWC1 on Sep 2
Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning https://t.co/CoSzB4i5TM
AWC Training @AWC1 on Aug 26
@CornwallHour #cornwallhour #StAustell @CornwallHour allan@awctraining.co.uk our training is online at the moment,… https://t.co/ldW1tdeSHv
AWC Training @AWC1 on Aug 26
@CornwallHour #cornwallhour hello from@Sunny St Austell!! Long time no see! Stay safe all!
AWC Training @AWC1 on Aug 15
Education ministry collects opinions on e-learning for new academic year https://t.co/3gHbNHSUKG
AWC Training @AWC1 on Aug 12
Teaching for Understanding: Educating for the Unknown (TfU) https://t.co/h2HkJVKwji
AWC Training @AWC1 on Aug 12
9 Next Steps to Make Online Education More Engaging -- Campus Technology https://t.co/gthBFeLBI2
AWC Training @AWC1 on Aug 10
Involving families: tips for teaching and learning in the time of Covid-19 https://t.co/DkPYN9iMQN
AWC Training @AWC1 on Aug 1
Practical advice for instructors faced with an abrupt move to online teaching (opinion) https://t.co/1vJx9VlHFq
AWC Training @AWC1 on Aug 1
What does higher education need to do to ensure successful blended learning? https://t.co/E8qxH5tiqx
AWC Training @AWC1 on Jul 26
New website offers tips for teachers about virtual special education https://t.co/uayVeXmCUx
AWC Training @AWC1 on Jul 25
Explore Project-Based Learning in Online Education https://t.co/trzZpmUgUG
AWC Training @AWC1 on Jul 25
What an Effective Online Education Includes https://t.co/y5t4gdvFuY
AWC Training @AWC1 on Jul 25
National Institute for STEM Education Micro Certificates Win Tech & Learning Award of Excellence https://t.co/4Mx43t0375
AWC Training @AWC1 on Jul 21
Spring’s abrupt shift to remote learning offers lessons for the fall https://t.co/p2NBuYYd0T
AWC Training @AWC1 on Jul 3
RT @stevedouble: Come on Cornwall - vote for St Austell and then share to all your friends
AWC Training @AWC1 on Jun 1
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